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Setting up your email on a Net Impact Website

(This applies if your site is hosted through us on Glastonbury Online servers. If you aren't sure, please contact us to check).

These instructions assume you are using Outlook Express version 5. If you have a different version, your screen may look slightly different.

Click on Tools in the Menu, then Accounts.

You may already have some accounts set up. Either way, click the Add button, then Mail, then type the name you want to appear in the Display Name box. It may appear if you have existing accounts.

Click next. Ensure the "I already have an email address ..." button is selected. If an existing email address appears, highlight it with your mouse and press the delete key.

Now type into the same space the email address we have already given you.

Click next. In the next screen ensure that the incoming mail server is set to POP3 (select from the drop-down list if necessary. Next, type into both incoming mail and outgoing mail server boxes your domain name, without any http or www prefixes. So if it is that is exactly what you type. Click next again.

In the account name box, type the account name we have given you (which may not be the same as the name in your email address). Type in the password we gave you into the next box and ensure you don't tick the Secure Password Authentication box.

Click next, then Finish. Close the box.

Now when you click the New Mail button you should be able to select the email address you're sending from, if you have more than one account. (Click the down arrow at the end of the send box)

Now when you click the send/receive button, both accounts should send and receive mail normally.

NB Because of the way email usually works from a website, you may often need to click send/receive more than once to send. This is because (probably to avoid people sending lots of spam from other people's addresses) you have to receive before you can send.

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